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What Questions Come to Mind When Trying To Find The Right Fence Company?

  1. Q

    Why is a down payment required?


    The down payment is used to purchase the materials. We do not effectively collect any money for the labor until the final payment.
  2. Q

    What if I don't know where my property lines are?


    We offer property line location services through a licensed surveyor.
  3. Q

    Do you accept credit cards or provide financing?


    We do accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express, but do not provide financing. As an alternative, some customers have opened Home Equity Lines-of-credit with no-closing costs to assist in their fence's financing.
  4. Q

    Are you insured?


    We are fully insured with un-employment, auto, general liability & worker's compensation insurance.
  5. Q

    Why should I use a fence company? My buddy says that he has built a fence before and will give me a deal.


    We stand behind our work. We have the experience to know the necessary techniques to ensure that the fence continues to last for years and years. Additionally, we are fully insured. The homeowner is not responsible for any possible injuries/damage that may occur. With our knowledge and insurance coverage, the "buddy savings" may not be worth the risk of a sub-standard fence or the liability of possible injury/property damage.

Wood Questions

Is my fence going to sag or warp?
It is always possible. However, we take multiple precautions to reduce the possibility of sagging/warping.
We install:
Metal frames on our wooden gates (see Wood Fencing page,)
Our horizontal 2x4s are about 5” of the top/bottom of the pickets. This reduces the picket “over hang,” therefore reducing the length of board to be available to warp,
All posts less than 8' apart to reduce the sagging between posts.

Will my fence boards split or crack?
It is possible that some boards may split/crack. Splitting and cracking is caused by the drying of the boards. Over time, some boards will split/crack more than others, but applying a stain/sealant will reduce the possibility of either and preserve the original color.

Will gaps develop between my pickets?
Yes. The wood has previously been in a controlled environment. Upon installation, it dries and shrinks slightly…..creating a small gap of typically about 1/8". Cedar will shrink less than pine, but both do shrink slightly.

Will the nail heads rust and create streaks on my pickets?
No. We use hot-dipped nails which do not rust. If any other nails are used, they will rust and create such streaks.

Why is my fence darker than another fence that was just installed? The other fence is almost white.
We get all of our wood materials from Lowe's. George Pacific is their supplier and they use the green-treatment process. It is more greenish than the white treatment used by Yella Wood (which is Home Depot's major supplier.) The other fence materials are likely to be the white treatment process (see also Question #6)

Is my fence going to turn gray?
Yes, if untreated. As part of the aging process, all wood will fade to a gray color over time. Cedar ages the quickest, Yella Wood fades the next quickest, and the George Pacific retains its original color the longest.


Typical Installation Time-Line

Step 1 - Proposal given 
Step 2 - Proposal acceptance & down payment (50% for wood or chain-link & 66% for standard spacing ornamental)
Step 3 - Materials ordered
Step 4 - TN one-call notified to mark utility lines (requires 3 business days)
Step 5 - Fence lines/gate placement painted on the ground with the Project Manager
Step 6 - Materials delivered (the day before work starts)
Step 7 - Holes dug & posts set in concrete (usually completed in 1day)
Step 8 -Concrete hardens (requires less time in hotter temps, ie 1 day in summer)
Step 9 - Wood runners/pickets & gates installed (usually completed in 1 day)
Step 10 - Homeowner reviews work with Project Manager
Step 11 - Final payment

Note: Same for aluminum, except that the fence is assembled in 1 day.
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